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Nescrow Global Services Limited is a Nigerian Company providing Products and Services to individuals, small businesses and companies using mobile and cloud technology solutions.
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Who We Are

Nescrow Global Services Limited is a Nigerian Company providing Products and Services to individuals, small businesses and companies using mobile and cloud technology solutions.


The Vision of Nescrow Global Services Limited is to be a leading small business solution provider in Nigeria.


To be the premiere mobile and cloud technology solutions provider in Nigeria.

The Founders

Nescrow Global Services Limited was incorporated by Eniola Bolarin and Adebola Bolarin.

Eniola Bolarin of Nescrow

Eniola Bolarin


Mr. Eniola Bolarin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria and an Executive MBA from IESE, Barcelona, Spain. He have over 24 years of working experience spanning diverse industries such as Information Technology, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Data Communications and Management Consulting.

Adebola Bolarin of Nescrow

Adebola Bolarin


Mr. Adebola Bolarin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He has over 25 years of logistics experience in operational, strategic and system level in the upstream oil and gas industry. He has held several positions in Shell Petroleum Development Company in Nigeria including Logistics Consultant, Head, Land Transport, Business AnalystGlobal Logistics Management System, Logistics Systems Development and Support Analyst, Logistic Information Analyst, Logistic systems implementation consultant.

Solutions Portfolio

Nescrow Solutions enable efficiency across various industries, there by enabling you to focus on your Business.
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Nescrow Pay

Nescrow Pay is our backend application for payment acceptance and processing. This innovative application is the backbone of our payment integration infrastructure.


Nescrow GAL Codes

Innovative solution to Addressing in developing and developed countries.


Nescrow Go

Accept payment card from an Android smartphone anywhere with Nescrow Go, securely.


Nescrow Storefront

Nescrow Storefront is the Point of Sale software that has everything you require to manage your business from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet device.


Nescrow Invoices

Online invoicing that allows you to collect your outstanding debts faster.


Nescrow Agora

Nescrow Agora is an online marketplace where merchants can open their online store for free.


Nescrow Shop

Nescrow Shop is our online shop where you can buy all Nescrow compatible hardware accessories for the different Nescrow services.


Nescrow Workforce

Nescrow Workforce is one platform for all your human resource management requirements. As a business owner, we know that you would rather focus on managing and growing your business.


Nescrow Tags

Nescrow Tag is a Beacon enabled service which allows Merchants to interact with customers in a contextually relevant way withinstore environments.


Nescrow Capital

Nescrow Capital.


Nescrow Accounts

Simplify Corporate Accounting!


Nescrow mATM

ATM on Mobile phone.


Nescrow Forge

Access Startup funds with Ease.


Nescrow LearnEaze

Inovative mobile based learning platform.


Nescrow TravelEaze

Travel Booking made easy.


Nescrow Shypit

Nescrow Shypit created for Tourists .


Nescrow AutoCare

Nescrow AutoCare is simple AutoCare Solution for everyone.


Nescrow HealthCare

Nescrow Healthcare HelthCare solution for all.


Nescrow Solar Systems

Nescrow Solar Systems explore innovative approach to scalable Solar power.


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